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Top 5 Chef-Cooking-Skills You Shall Master

By Admin - 31-01-2020

“Cook consistently & be proud of your results” words often every chef live! What makes a chef - a chef? Does they possess any extraordinary magical skills? If yes, what are those skills? And such extra-magical skills can be mastered by anyone? A big yes! Everyone can become a chef.

The chef-cooking skills are just the basic ones. They master the basic skills so excessively that the skills become extraordinarily adorable. Practice the skills repeatedly & master them. Just 7 basic skills & you can be the master chef of your cooking!

Let’s have a glance to the top 7 chef-cooking-skills you shall master

·         Basic knife skills

Sounds easy, but includes mastery. It is the first indicator of chef-expertise.  The way chef uses their knife is what you need to learn.

1.       Cut vegetables into 3 specific sizes

2.       Brunoise-eight inch cubes, Balltenet- 2 inch stick/cube, Small dice- quarter inch cube

3.       These 3 consecutive sizes are twice or half the size of other

4.       Remember – Consistency of cut equals to consistency of cook


·         Smoke-point of oil

Also known as “convective cooking process”, a chef easily anticipates when oil is about to reach its smoking point.

1.       If three types of oil are kept in front of you, all 3 different smoking points shall be known

2.       Learn the process. Starting from the oil in the pan being perfectly smooth to the smoke coming out.

3.       Add the protein rich material, the consistent “sssrrrrrrrrrr” sound must be mastered


·         The saute color

Pretty perfect color while making sauté indicates your cooking mastery & experience. A color that attracts eye!

1.       Fruits must be nicely browned & golden color in sauté pan.

2.       Get the sugar in your product to caramelize

3.       Develop color without losing moisture


·         Thickening liquid

When it comes to liquid thickening it comes to making the delicious sauce. Making sauce involves some important points & you need to know the key tips.

1.       Learning about blonde roux, brown roux & brick roux

2.       Geletanization of starch & no lump

3.       Thickened, shiny & velvety structure


·         Poaching eggs

Poaching eggs softly is a skill! Almost every second cook shall admire the egg poaching process. It shows the ability of the real chef.

1.       Boil, simmer & poach eggs to a fine line

2.       The bright yellow yolk sits high

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