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How to attract customers to your Restaurant

By Admin - 16-12-2019

How to attract customers to your Restaurant

We have delicious food, but I need to attract more customers to my restaurant who can try it & come back! A common phrase you must have heard or experienced. Marketing restaurants have changed like crazy over the years. What

worked 5 years ago, even last year may not work today. Finding new customers & keeping the old has indeed become a challenge. Feel a need to attract customers? The easy part is to make them fall in love with your food, the foremost factor. But serving the best food in the world will not always mean a full restaurant every night if no one knows how good it is! Some strategies, therefore, stand out to solve this concern. Here are some tips & tricks to attract customers to your restaurant.

1. Running promotions.

In this day & age where immediacy is so important, running promotion is the marketing vintage. Promotions like free desserts, 2 for 1 on specific days, 30 to 50% off on menu items for reservations made on your website, etc. You can run those during key months like Dec, Jan or throughout the year.

2. Local business partnerships

Why not contact the local businesses? Many of them get catering for special lunches or meetings on a regular basis. This will help you to survive at your bottom line business & attract customers coming by way of recommendation from theses company employees. To make your customers consume your food habitually, such an effective way!

3. Grab big events

Everyone likes to party! Right? New years eve, Christmas, Valentine's day, Diwali, Sporting events, holiday parties are the perfect opportunity for customer attraction. People are looking for nice spaces to go for their new year, Valentine. The happy hours during such a period may attract a huge mass to your restaurant by keeping some sort of offers, promotions.

4. Host your own events

To check out your restaurant, try your delicious food and enjoy your ambiance you can arrange your own events. Wine tastings themed dinner parties, cooking classes will work well.

5. Send birthday emails

Email marketing is the heart of customer attraction. Almost everyone likes to hang out for a party on their birthdays. When they do they bring their friends altogether may be the ones who have not tried your food yet. Here is the chance. Note the birthdays of your all customers & send them emails with some free offers. 

6. Meet the chef

It can be fun & exciting if your customers get your chef behind asking about the delicious meal he made. Also, your customers may like the opportunity to meet the chef behind the cuisine, some may blog about it even. Don’t miss to promote this!

7. Optimizing website & reviews

Social media & internet is the handiest tool today, you can take its advantage by optimizing your restaurant for local search, making your food available online. Keep your website classy & up-to-date, people trust reviews before choosing any restaurant. The more reviews you have, the more likely people will trust that they are making a good choice of dining at your restaurant.

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