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Exotic summer fruit dishes to add to your restaurant menu

By Admin - 29-02-2020

Seasonal and tropical fruits can add brilliant colors and flavors to your restaurant's menu and also add up the taste. It also enhances the exciting taste of your meals and snacks and gives an extreme level of satisfaction. Fruits also make your meal healthy. And the seasonal summer fruit dishes are a delight to eat after your meal and completes your meal.

There is a wide variety of fruits available in the season of summer and some are really good at the taste. Restaurants offer a different variety of fruit dishes and some also experiment with it by mixing them with other fruits and ingredients. All these kinds of fruit dishes are tasty. Here are some of the dishes which you definitely like to try.

1) Chocolate Kiwi Popsicles

This chocolate fruit combo is just a kind of special dish which tastes delicious by making the combination of both of these. The recipe is simple to cook and gives the taste of both fruit and chocolate at the same time. It needs Kiwi, dark chocolate and some coconut oil. And for enhancing your taste you can also some nuts and coconut flakes over it. 

2) Banana Icecream

Yes, there is a dish that you can eat and remain healthy also at the same time without compromising your desert taste. It's banana ice cream that’s a delicious dessert and with the fruit icecream flavors to it. Simply peel some bananas, stick them in the freezer and let them hang out for few hours or until solid. Then mix them in the fruit mixer and make it smooth. Add your mix in favorite flavors of ice cream like choco chips, vanilla to it make a great dessert. It’s easy to make and tasty to eat dessert. 

3) Spicy Fruit Salad

If you ever thought that salads or fruit salads are boring to eat then you should definitely give a try to this fruit dish. Mix some mangoes, strawberries, grapes, litchi, and raspberries to the fruit dish. Make a good mix of it. Sprinkle some lime juice and chili powder on top of your favorite fruit mixture and add a kick in flavors of different tastes. Try it once and you will fall in love forever with this fruit dish. 

4) Frozen fruit yogurt bites

      This fruit dish is a unique kind of it and gives an awesome of an experience tangy and sweet to your tongue. While eating it just bursts with the flavors into your mouth. Its new recipe and gives you a unique experience by experimenting with different fruits. Chop your favorite fruit into small pieces and mix it greek yogurt and keep it in the deep freeze. And then while serving sprinkle it some nuts and granola on top and have tasty dessert at your table.

Fruit dishes are always delighting to have in the summer season and this kind of unique tasty fruit dish makes a mesmerizing sweet memory of desserts and salads. Fruits help you in both ways by not compromising on your and taste also. And adds a great delight to your taste. 

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