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Exotic and standout beverages that you should try in a restaurant around the world

By Admin - 14-02-2020

Exotic and standout beverages that you should try in a restaurant around the world.

Restaurants serve the exotic beverages in their restaurants but they serve very less known local beverages to their list. Even you try rarely drinks, sampling new and exotic unique local beverages should be on your go-to list. And learn about cultural and unique drinks at the same time. Many times these drinks are made from the local ingredients which you will not get to taste elsewhere, giving your taste buds an extraordinary memory of place or restaurants visited.

Sometimes to try new drinks with familiar names can be also fun because many restaurants serve basis own taste added ingredients which enhance your pleasure of taking a drink. Food and drinks are the major part of visiting the place and the restaurants in the destinations. Different drinks are he part of culture and local beverages culture through which you can also learn about local peoples. So enjoy trying new and exotic drinks and learn about them here and add to your list.

This is the most exotic and standout beverage that you should definitely add to your bucket list try them to enhance your taste buds. So here are they,

1) Pannah


When hot summer knocks your doorstep, the humble Pannah comes to your help.  Pannah is the most exotic fruit drink which comes to your table, as it's made from the king of fruits which is mango. Mango pulp spiced with pepper and mixed with cardamom and a pinch of salt, sweet coconut milk added for extra taste, making it a perfect sunny day drink. It will give a kick to your tongue with its sour and sweet taste at the same time.

2) Punjabi Lassi


Punjabi Lassi will blow your mind when you going to try it in your desert. It’s the must-try beverage of Indian food culture. The humble Lassi is a tall glass of goodness that everyone needs to try out. The Lassi is made with grinding yogurt with sugar in it and variants of flavors added to enhance its taste. A lot of fresh cream flavors like mango, Kesar and rose added to it make a variety out of it. This drink will make you full of taste and happiness when you will have it. The thickness of it gives an edge to other drinks.

3) The Darjeeling Tea


Step of out from your home refreshes your mood and to try some standout tree which is made from some very unique fresh leaves which are made specially from tea leaves from Darjeeling in West Bengal. The hills of Darjeeling are famous worldwide for its tea gardens and hand processed tea leaves. Rich in antioxidants like thearubigins and thaflavins, drinking this Darjeeling tea will not only help you to keep fresh but also make you stress-free.

4) Campari 


Campari is an Italian beverage with bright red color and has a kind of unique flavor to it. It tastes a little bitter and sour Italian aperitif. A Campari has a strong bitter orange taste that is the base of its flavored taste of delicious cocktails such as Campari and soda. A visit to Italy calls for some Campari shots.

5) Sake - A Japanese Scotch


While visiting japan the world-wise famous drink is the Sake of alcohol. Which is primarily made from fermented rice. It’s the local drink of japan and which established its own name in the global scotch list due to its exotic and extraneous taste. It has a fragrance to it which blows your mind. It can be served chilled in a small porcelain cup known as sakazuki in japan.

6) Ardbeg Scottish Whiskey


The Ardbeg Scottish Whiskey is voted as the best whiskey around the world.  Ardbeg’s distillery has remained the same for 200 years. The whiskey is made from the single malt connoisseurs. It has rich and Smokey taste to it which is 10 years aged single malt which will leave you with the taste of licorice, coffee and tobacco. It has really an exotic unique flavor to it as its locally made on the island from years.

7) Turkish Coffee


A must and trademark drink from the ottoman empire to try famous all over the world. Turkish coffee has a character of its own and smells very aromatic and fresh than other coffee from the world. Coffee is made in the copper vessel to contain its taste and aromatic freshness. The thick and frothy consistency of the coffee keeps you fresh and attracts towards it.

There are many famous worldwide beverages in the world that served in restaurants. You must try different drinks to acquire a new taste to your taste buds. And this exotic and distinctive drinks will make you feel different in taste and texture also with their uniqueness.

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