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Top Trends in Hospitality Industry for 2020

By Admin - 27-12-2019

Top HORECA Trends for 2020

Next Level Catering: Running a hospitality business today is a top sport.

Customers expect that you are at home in all markets and regularly offer something new. Responding to new menu trends and changes within your company are quickly arranged with Tablet Menu.

New dish? It is so on the digital menu. Out of stock? With one click, it is over. Your customers always see the entire and most up-to-date range and you can easily respond to new holidays, seasons and developments.

Menu 2.0 with next level waiters.

The Tablet menu shows with its options and flexibility that technology is the opposite of impersonal. Your paper menu does not change, the Tablet menu does and gives your guests freedom and fast service.

The waiter receives your guests, explains exactly how it works and helps them step by step with the first order. Then the guest can place orders themselves, and the waiter has more time to give your guests some extra attention.

Tablet Menu is not the only Trend on the 2020 menu. Below are some trends in the hospitality industry to complete the top hospitality trends list.


Why would you taste only one dish when you eat out? Trying as many different things as possible is much more adventurous. Order something different and share with each other, Millenials are already fans of it. Extra tasty if it can be eaten with your hands. Because the more senses are stimulated during the meal, the better the experience.


The traditional "all-you-can-eat" restaurants where you can eat full for a fixed price get a chic counterpart. In 2019 we anticipate the emergence of the higher all-you-can-eat segment. Including nicely made plates, attentive waiters, honest ingredients and special flavors. A true experience for the demanding food lovers of today.


Who doesn't know Crodino? Perhaps the oldest non-alcoholic aperitif in the world and otherwise the best known. Part of the trend towards healthier and more conscious eating and drinking is the search for great drinks without alcohol. With a bite or a bitterness, but no hangover the next day. Think spicy ginger beer cocktails, IPA without alcohol and spicy soft drinks.


Already started in 2018, this trend continues into the following year. More and more scientists are supporting research into preventive health. People who regularly eat fermented products are less often sick and less often overweight. Think not only of sauerkraut but also of Korean 'kimchi', kefir and tempeh. More and more restaurants are releasing their creativity on this concept and that is good for health, but also for the taste buds.


The health trend will continue in the coming year. Millennials are now the largest target group with more than 50% of the population. And it is precisely this group that is increasingly aware of what they put into their bodies, where it comes from and what effect it has on them. They highly appreciate information about ingredients, nutritional value, and origin of the products.


The year 2019 will enter the books as the year in which the cocktail is just as normal as a beer. The rise of cocktail machines such as the 'Tenderone' and the 'Bottletender' make it a piece of cake for all the hospitality industry to make the perfect cocktail. These machines are equipped with hundreds of recipes and produce a measured cocktail within seconds. Always the same taste, always the same quality, always easy to make.


The year 2019 is all about the experience. The "experience economy" determines the success of a brand and the finer that experience, the happier the customer. Well-trained staff who pay attention to guests and focus on quality determine a positive guest experience, but also an increasing challenge within the hospitality industry.


In 2018 we already saw the popularity of Korean Grill increase. More Asian Grill Trends will be launched in 2019. Think of 'fusion' concepts based on Japanese grill dishes or 'Green Eggs' on which Indonesian satay or slow BBQ rendang are prepared. Meat lovers are certainly happy with these developments.

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