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Some exiting dishes to try out in India (winter)

By Admin - 18-02-2020

Some exiting dishes to try out in India (winter)

Our bodies are adopted to environmental changes around us, and we should eat food according to the seasons. As Ann Wigmore Quotes “The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison”. Therefore let's have look at some amazing types of food and beverages you can have for this winter.

As everyone knows India is land of variety, it carries everything in its melting pot. In the section of winter foods, Indian food wins with a huge margin owing to its variety of taste and other benefits.

Here is your go-to the list of Indian winter Food that will have a lasting taste on your tongue :

Gajar ka Halwa

This dessert food is among the most popular sweet in India, you won't meet a single person in India who had never tasted a Gajar ka Halwa. And why to eat in winter? Glad you asked; winter is generally a season when carrots are grown therefore they are available in abundance with great quality. And with added dry fruits taste gets enhanced to the next level and once you add ghee to it there is nothing stopping your tongue draping for it. 


Bringing you the flavors of Gujrat, Undhiyu is a time-consuming dish but it is worth the effort, once made you will feel proud about yourself and your cooking skills

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