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How to choose best facade for hotel

By Horecalife - 06-12-2019

Crave to attract crowds off to your hotel? Desire to make your building look as the crack of the dawn? Looking for a makeover? Just settle down with the concept of a best facade!  A first clue that will tell about your customer impression uniquely by the decision they would be making to spend their valuable time & penny further by just having a look on its exterior.

Choosing a beautiful facade for your hotel is much more than a need as it is a chance to put the emphasis on design. Too many buildings settle for standard designs that meet structural regulations but nonetheless lack the sort of character, this has a detrimental effect on the place we live, the impression we crave to build & ultimately the customer we target.

Remember the famous saying? You are taught as children not to judge a book by its cover, but that principle cannot be applied to hotels as its first impression matters a lot! Let’s have a look to choose out the best facade you could shape for your hotels.


1.   Adaptable to surrounding

Do you love reflections? If yes, mirror facade is a package you wish! Make your hotel blend with the surrounding and leave a unique effect of reflecting the surrounding while standing out of crowd. Such a facade is so adaptable no matter with the future transformations yet to come. Such frontal look will ensure a classy gaze, natural ventilation, openness

Beach hotels, casinos; business hotels work best with such facade looks.


2.   Innovative and futuristic

To stand out from the crowd, sharp geometric patterns & bold colors facade design proves outstanding. Such facades display innovation and “out of the box” thinking; perhaps attracting more people to your hotel. Through such a façade personality & character can be added to your hotel structure.

Beach hotels, conference-convention Centre hotels suits these categories.


3.   Prioritizing transparency

A design which communicates transparency with their customers can make your hotel reach the top ranks. If the public can somehow “see through the building” It becomes more trustworthy to them and of course beneficial to you & your hotel.

Business, suite hotels work good in these category.


4.   Expensive & natural look

Do you owe to make your hotel look natural and carry higher lasting value with an expensive & luxurious feel? Stone facade is the best option! Along with attractive the high-value customers it will also provide you benefits of temperature, moisture, fire resistant & zero maintenance; initial cost remains high though.

Classic Resorts, Extended stay, opt here for best.


5.   Retro style

Target customers varying from retro to modern? Metal facade cladding will fit the square. Aluminum & steel facade is most commonly used which on fixing offers surrounding view along with maintaining the sense of privacy. Plus, points of less maintenance, eco-friendly, fire-insect resistant achieved too.

Casinos, beach hotels work good in these category


6.   Energy efficient

Wood facade is the best way nowadays if you want to make your hotel environment-friendly. It offers the best-of look to your structure along with good insulation, durability & weather resistance properties. Timber cladding remain on the top edge, also oak, pine & cedar cam be used. Apart of looks, Maintenance is required.

Beach hotels, Resorts, vacation hotels opt here for best.


7.   Modern design aspect

The most beautiful hotel is here! Do you want to make your customer to exclaim such words? Do you want your hotel to leave an environment-friendly thumbprint in the world? Clay facade is all you need to choose! It is becoming the first choice of architects too. Nature lovers will be attracted to your hotel concept and love it the way it is.

Resorts, extended-stay hotels, Business hotels can be a good option here. 

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