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Chefs....Are you Brand Obsessed or Quality obsessed?

By Horecalife - 09-12-2019

When you ask a Chef working at restaurants or Chefs at home who cook tasty meals for their families’ everyday about their favorite spice brand, you'll probably get similar answers from them. Most people rarely rethink about the brand choices they're making, especially when it comes to spices. Besides, people also become loyal to certain brands because these brand were used by their parents or someone they have known. And same goes with Spice Brands.

If you can relate to this, here's a quick question for you - Are You Brand Obsessed? If yes, have you ever stopped and thought if your brand obsession has become more important to you than the quality?

 Is your Brand Obsession taking over your Quality Obsession?

When your Brand Obsession takes over your Quality Obsession, you tend to make choices which might not give you the best results. You might be sticking to a single brand since many years and probably never thought of changing it - but what if the quality of this brand has deteriorated over time? What if there are other brands out there that are providing better quality products at same or even lesser prices? What if, your brand is not the same like it used to be, but you never realized it as you were too brand obsessed?

These are some questions you might never really think about but are so important because in a competitive market where hundreds of brands fight to be the Top 1, we, as customers have the right to choose the actual best out there! And if you're being extremely brand obsessed, you might never realize what you may be missing out on. Many restaurants tend to realize this after spending a good period of time being loyal to one particular brand and extremely closed towards what new brands have got to bring to the table.

You might just be rejecting real quality in the guise of being brand obsessed!

Being brand obsessed is good sometimes. But it's good only until a certain point of time. It is important for us to relook and rethink about the brands we might be obsessing over and look at it realistically - thinking if we might just be rejecting real quality.

Don't you think the very rule of ensuring that we're getting the best should be based on QUALITY first? Making brands more important beats this rule where quality might take a backseat as we're too busy being brand obsessed! Change your view and ask yourself this whenever you find yourself in a similar situation - Am I being only Brand Obsessed here or Quality Obsessed? And you might make better decisions while choosing your next Spice Brand! Remember that real quality overrules everything else!

Abhishek Tripathi – General Manager – HoReCa


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