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Tips to run a successful modern cafe

By Horecalife - 02-12-2019
Running a cafe is no simple task specially the modern ones serving the young and energetic audience. There are many things to consider while operating a successful modern cafe. If you are someone new or an experience cafe runner who wants to modernize their cafe then these tips can help you in getting started. Here are few tips to help you out with this particular task.

1) Opening time

If you are in game of running a cafe you should identify the accurate time for opening your cafe. The timing of opening and closing your cafe should be such that it fits the timing of majority of your customers. You can check this by surveying nearby area, checking out the type of crowd which regularly visits your cafe and adjust your timing accordingly. Your wisdom of doing this will outsmart the experience players.

2) Service style

Any cafe which has seen success know that type and service style matter a lot. If your customers are having different demand than what you usually serve then you must change it to accommodate their needs. Customer is king and any cafe should try to maximize positive experience of the customer. If you haven’t included take away option in your cafe, include it as soon as possible. The young and energetic audience of the day is way to fast to catch, if you don’t provide them with their needs then will switch to other cafe at lightning speed.

3) Staff

Anything you do will fail if you don’t have a team of competent employees. This are true show runners, success of your cafe depends on their behavior and work enthusiasm. If you are hiring a low paid staff just to save some bucks then stop that practice. It will affect your business for long term as you will start losing customers. The well paid and well-behaved staff will take your restaurants to new heights. The kind of service provided by them will create a happy and regular consumer base. Staffing may take time but do it diligently and honestly.

4) Ambiance

What attracts crowd of young outgoing people? Ambiance, if you have right ambiance set for young audience then nothing can stop your cafe from growing.People love to hangout around and they chose cafes with amazing ambiance which can make them feel comfortable. The design element in your cafe matters a lot, specially in modern cafes. The seating arrangement the lights, counter, music everything should be set according to the requirement of modern consumers.

5) Unhappy customer

You try your best to provide each and everything according to the demands of consumer but there can be still gap in your service. You must correct them by taking customer feedback's which will help you improvise your services according to the demands of customer. While dealing with an unhappy customer is hard job to do, it should be done nonetheless. Single unhappy customer is worth ten happy customers, therefore don’t let them leave unsatisfied with your service. Train your staff accordingly for handling the customers.

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