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How to create great ambience at a Cafe

By Horecalife - 07-12-2019
Wish to stay ahead of the competition in the cut-throat cafe industry? Need your customer to select your cafe by their perception? Want to run a profitable coffee-shop? Creating a right kind of “Ambience” will go a long in helping you to achieve all you desire for your cafe. 

Apart from the obvious factor of offering the best menu, best services; ambience plays a very important role when you owe to run a cafe. The studies by environmental psychologists & other social scientists confirm that a perceptive manipulation of the Cafe’s environment boosts up a lot thing. The right ambience will allow customers to look around & enjoy themselves, & maybe even stay longer than they planned, simply because they felt special with the environment other than meal and wished to soak themselves in the feeling of that place.

The choices you make are the sensory results of the customer’s response! Thus a cafe management needs to develop an aesthetic cafe environment.

Here are some nitty-gritties to create a great ambience for your cafe:

1. Lighting scheme

According to guideline, lighting scheme has a huge effect on the ambience. Casual Cafe’s may go with the colder, bright, & fluorescent lighting while a sit-down location asks for warm-light to comfort your customer.

The usage of lighting that is lively with natural elements such as wood, cotton, simulate customer stay for more time; perhaps dim lightings creates pleasant & amusing environment demonstrating the cafe quality.


2.  Interior decoration

Who will not love their cafe to become a brand? Make your brand identity through complimenting with your designs. The decoration & artifacts element of the cafe have second best influence on the customers impressions & revisits. Include design element that portray the uniqueness of your cafe environment.

Colors play a big role in ambience, thus choose colors that match your cafe type even the menu you serve. Warm colors promote calmness, positive feelings & these colors are easy to theme work with different artwork, flowers & other furnishing.


3. Music

A slower tempo music helps the customer relax and stay longer. But remember match the music with the type of your Cafe. Also the volume at which music is played contributes to the atmosphere, loud music may increase the crowd noise. Sound system specifications rely on a good understanding of acoustic elements, so this is not a one-size-fits all scenario.

On the contrary, atmosphere may also be seen as the conversations of the guests, clinking of cups & cutlery so you can also go with no-music concept.


4. Space & Scale

Should the space be expansive & awe-inspiring or give comfort & enclosure? Of course the second option works well. Try to ensure that people aren’t sat on each other, they have a good amount of space between them. These will provide a personal space to your customer ensuring privacy & comfort.


5. Aroma

Leave the taste to the chef, but the smell good or bad, reaches first to your customer long before the food. Desirable aroma may make your customer feel cozy and lovely. Aroma gives an additional touch up to your ambience.


6. Touch

The look of material gives a visual response, it is often the tactile of material people remember like natural wood grains, soft leather & fabric suggesting comfort & luxury or a slick metal, stone & glass energizing space


7. Lovely Staff

Train your staff to read what people may want on that service, because two tables may need completely different approach treatment. A balance between professionalism & care & being attentive without being stiff & overbearing may create the best ambience for your cafe.

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