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Ever tried the extra-delicious Odia cuisine?

By Admin - 03-03-2020

Gourmet lovers! Oh, I know you are the big foodie & that is the only reason you have clicked immediately to feel the taste of the “extra-delicious Odia-cuisine” & try it. Orissa has an excessively rich religious culture such that it reflects in its food as well.

Orissa is one of the dark horsed states of the country. That is one of the reasons why folks know so little about the state. But that is a bad news for the foodies! Unless you’ve been there, you wouldn’t know the vastness of the beauty of this state regarding location and food. Thus introducing you to the hidden delicacies of Odia!

What is Odia-cuisine?

The cuisine of the state Orissa developed over time keeping the local culture & influenced by its border states of Andhra, Bengal, etc.

The distinctive feature of the Odia cuisine is its threadlike SIMPLICITY! It keeps you in the position to compare its dishes with any other Indian cuisine & know about its uniqueness.

The Odia cuisine is so equitable that it gives you a fair-fusion of veg & non-veg food! Also being famous for its desserts, people here love eating sweets and thus providing you a complete food-package.

The typical Odia cuisine has?

The typical Odia cuisine is made using little oil or no oil & few spices. Wondering then how would it taste? Foodies, keep your
doubts aside because this food-making method offers totally delicious & flavor food. Rice is a staple food of Orissa, with vegetables such as potatoesyam, pumpkin, brinjal, ash gourd, drumstick, banana flower and stem, finding their way into different dishes. 

Ordinarily used spices consist seeds of mustard, cumin, fenugreek, aniseed and kalonji wontedly known as the “Panch phoron.” Tasty curries, sauces & chutneys made by using tamarind, fresh and dried coconut, etc. Paneer, raw and ripe bananas, jackfruits, papaya, dried mangoes are used in many recipes in Odia cuisine. Desserts & festive dishes are traditionally made by using “Ghee.”

What are the must-try Odia-dishes?

And the most awaited answer for your question is here. Served on the leaf of banana or in the matka, let’s have a glimpse on the extra delicious Odia-dishes!

1. Chhena poda

It is one of the pearls of east & the one sweet Orissa is famous for! A slightly more baked milk cake with little spice of cardamom at each bite and crunch of coconut and nuts along with a caramelized jiggery!

2. Dalma

Dalma is the most popular dish of Orissa, it is the mother of all dals. This fuss free recipe is cooked by mixing vegetable with lentils which makes it nutritious and wholesome!

3. Pakhala Bhata

A dish prepared with rice little cooked with water! It is a summer dish which prevents heat stroke. The food color makes you hard to resist it!

4. Khatta

A sweet & tangy chutney to drive your taste! Mostly preferred for lunch, khatta balances a meal with its nice sweet and sour flavor.