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10 Impactful Ways to Grow Your Cafe Business This Year | HorecaLife

By Admin - 25-01-2020

10 Impactful Ways to Grow Your Cafe Business This Year

Opening a new café can be easy, but keeping that cafe engaged with the customers all the time can be a little difficult because of the competition. To tackle this competition, you should plan some strategies to attract and maintain the customers.

Cafes are the go-to place for casual meetings, eating or may be to pass time while eating. Whether it is some teenager's group or may it be an office colleagues or group of friends, cafe is the pocket friendly yet fun place for everyone. So, if you are trying to start a new cafe, just go ahead. Don’t worry about the strategies, we got your back. 

After researching, we came up with top 11 strategies you all need to know for all new café owners out there. We have collected some of basic yet impactful strategies you need to rock your café business. Here are they:

1. Location: location is the first thing a café owner should keep in mind. As location is going to decide what types of customers you are going to get and depending on that what type of menu you should promote the most.

2. Sitting arrangement: As café’s are the most casual places for informal meetings and eating, so the seating arrangement should also be more like casual. But you should not compromise with the comfort of sitting. If the sitting couch is too rigid, your customers won’t enjoy the food as well as they won’t return.

3. Pricing: Students or teenage peoples are more likely go to the cafés. So, the pricing for the food items you are providing should be pocket friendly to them.

4. Menu: here is the strategy which can help you out with maintaining the customers. You can add menu as per the customer’s taste pattern. Also, you can be creative with the names for the food items you are going to serve.

5. Creativity: So here comes the twist to your café. “Creativity never goes out of style”. As the quote itself says it all. You can show your creativity in designing your cafe. Just be creative with every possible thing in your café.

6. Signature dish: A signature dish can be a USP (Unique Selling Point) to your café. Also, it can grow your customers. As your signature dish can't be copied, the customers won't go in any other cafe to eat that. Just make sure you are satisfying your customers with the signature dish.

7. Celebration place: A lot of cafes have started providing birthday decoration service nowadays. You can also start it as most of the people prefer to celebrate their loved one’s birthday or any other occasions in cafes.

8. Serving style: Your serving style can make a lot of difference in customer satisfaction. Many cafes have self-service option. But if you are ready to take this responsibility on your shoulders, it can be a positive point for your café. Also serving with some creative plating can attract the crowd. In the world where everyone posts what they eat outside, your creative plating style can be an automatic promotion to your café.

9. Offers: Another strategy to make your customers come back to your café is serving them with offers. Who don’t want yummy free bribe when they dine in.? Now plan in what forms you want to serve your offers to your customers. Whether it can be a discount coupon or a complementary drink or a food item.

10. Social media presence: You have to get active on social media. Posts are the promoting assets you all need. Click pictures of customers while they are having fun (of course with their permission) and post them on social media platforms. You can also ask your customers to add location of your café & post pictures on their social media account. Create your own hashtags and ask them to use them while posting the pictures.

So, these were some of the strategies you need to follow. We are sure these are going to work like wonders if you work on them. Just make sure you are following them consistently. Wish you a great start to your business.

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